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VaraLakshmi Vratham Puja Vidhanam

varalakshmi vratham Details and Puja, Story

One day saint sootha adressing ‘sounaka’ and other saints, and briefed about a vratha that was explained to goddess Parvathi by ‘lord siva’ called
vara lakshmi vratha

One day on mount kailash Parvathi asked lord siva to tell about a vratha which gives all fortunes and prosperities to ladies. Lord siva replied parvathi that varalakshmi vratha is one and only vratha which will give all prosperities to the devotees. This vratha should be performed on the Friday which comes before the full moon-day in the month of sravana according to (telugu calendar). Parvathi Devi further asked lord siva, “oh! Lord, please explain who performed this pooja and which goddess is to be worshipped. Then lord siva explained that. In olden days there lived a Brahmin woman called ‘Charumathi’ in the empire of Maradha in the town ‘Kundina’ she was leading a very noble life, by doing upacharas to her husband and aged in-laws. She was very soft spoken and kind hearted. Pleased by her behaviour, one day godess ‘Lakshmi’ appeared in the dream of ‘charumathi’ and asked her to perform “varalakshmi vratha” which will fulfill all your desires. Charumathi appraised goddess lakshmi in the dream itself as “Namastey sarva lokaanaam janani punya moorthaya”
“Saranye thrijagathvamdhye Vishnu vaksha sthala laye” and also praised, on getting your blessing, people are enriched with education, wealth, health and all. It is because of my boons in my olden births, I was able to get your darshan. Then goddess lakshmi was pleased and showered boons on Charumathi.

Immediately, she woke up and explained overwhelmingly about her dream to her husband ,in-laws and neighbors. They told that it is a sign of good fortunes and encouraged her to perform the pooja in the month of sravana. They were all eagerly awaiting the month of sravana. Oh! the sravana has arrived as harvest of fortunes. ‘Charumathi’ along with her friends woke up early in the morning and completed their regulars with zeal. She spotted a place in the house and cleansed it with cow dung and decorated it with rangoli. Prepared ‘Aasana’ in that place and kept newly harvested rice over it, upon which placed a ‘kalash’ (Sacred pot). In this pooja they wore a sacred thread called “thora” made up of nine threads with nine knots embedded with flowers.
Charumathi and her friends performed pooja and invited goddess Lakshmi over the place and praised her as:

Padmaasane padma kare sarva lokaika poojithe narayana priye devi supreethe bhava sarvada” and performed ‘pradakshin’ infront of the kalash. As soon as the ladies completed one round, they have noticed a pleasant sound of tinkler(muvva), which were appeared suddenly on their foot. They grasped that it is due to the blessings of the goddess, and completed 2nd pradakshin .They have observed that their hands are complimented with ornaments.They also have completed 3rd round of pradakshin. Now they have observed that they were fully blessed with all ornaments and they felt very much happy and thrilled. Their houses were also filled with prosperity. Chariots of horses, and elephants were gifted at their house. While these women were fully enthrilled for these wonders, their husbands came from their houses, along with chariots, to the house of charumathi to pick-up their wives.

Pleased by all these prosperities, the women made pooja and got the blessings of priests. Received the bestowals (prasadams) of Lakshmi Devi and left to their houses in the chariots along with their husbands with happiness. The women were in all prasings to Charumathi, that these fortunes they met with, are just because of the dreams of Charumathi and thanked her in so many ways.

Then onwards, Charumathi and all other ladies, were every year performing the pooja of goddess Lakshmi Devi on Friday, before full-moon day of sravana and lead their lives through out, very happily with all prosperities.

Lord siva narrated to Parvathi Devi that all four castes should perform this sacred pooja to get all their desires fulfilled. Now, after completion of pooja they have to move the idol of goddess by saying.

“Sree varalakshmi deviye namaha udvaasayaami”
“sidhyanthi sarva kaaryani varalakshmi prasadithaha”

This pooja should be performed by all devotees and get the blessings of goddess Lakshmi Devi on this auspicious day.

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